The Examination committee is a statutory body of the Institute which functions under the auspices of University of Mumbai hence all procedures, rules and regulations are strictly adhered to as per the ordinances of the university. The Committee believes in the sole Objective: ‘Endeavoring towards a Transparent Learner Satisfaction Examination System’.


  1. To successfully conduct the Semester End Examinations and prepare the Results.
  2. To co-ordinate with the ISA Committee for smooth conduct of ISA tests and receive the
    final ISA marks on or before 15th September / March.
  3. To ensure that the mark lists are submitted by the lecturers to the Examination Section
    by due dates and the Statement of Marks are given to the Students / Parents within the stipulated time.
  4. To make inventory of the required Stationery well in advance and put up the requisition for required
    items at least 2 months in advance.
  5. To refer cases of malpractice in the examination to the Unfair Means Inquiry Committee / Examination Grievances Committee for necessary action.
  6. To process the exam remuneration bills on time.
  7. To prepare course/programme wise distribution of pass percentage and submit the same to the IQAC Committee.

Composition of the Committee

Sr. no. Designation Name Position held in the institution
1 Convener Mr. Sanjay Kamble Faculty of I.T & C.S N.S.S Programme Officer
2 Member Mrs. Draksha Khan HOD of BMS Department
3 Member Mr. Arun Lingade HOD of I.T & Biotech department
4 Member Mr. Anil Gaikwad HOD of Commerce Dept
5 Member Mr. Aniket Sonsurkar Faculty from Accountancy


Chairperson – Mr. Arun Lingade


1) Ms. Draksha Khan
2) Mr. Anil Gaikwad


  1. To examine the cases of malpractices by students in the examinations, if any and
    recommend course of action to be taken against defaulting student/s.
  2. To maintain records of the cases investigated and submit the same to the IQAC